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I shared an application with a user, but she can't access it. Why not?

Some probable causes are:
- an application manager has typed the wrong e-mail address
- the user registered with a different e-mail address
- the user has multiple QuickBase user accounts
- the user is assigned the wrong role

To resolve this problem, first check for the following issues:

Is the user's e-mail address correct?
If you've just shared an application with this person, please confirm that the e-mail address you used is the one that's connected with the user's account. If the text you typed doesn't match the e-mail address, the user won't receive the e-mail invitation. It's easy to check the address: From the menu bar on any application page, select 'Users > Manage Users.' Click the name of the user to see e-mail and other details. To correct the error, just share again using the correct e-mail address.

Does the user have more than one user account?
A user can have more than one user account. When that's the case, the user has done one of two things: they've registered more than once with QuickBase, using different e-mail addresses, or they've created multiple accounts by attaching more than one screen name to a single e-mail address. Only a user can check to see if he or she has multiple accounts. (To learn more, please see our Manage Multiple User Accounts help topic.) If a user can't access your application, you may have shared it with the account they never use to sign in to QuickBase. If that's the case, ask them what e-mail address or screen name they prefer and share again with that account. If multiple user accounts are creating this kind of confusion, the user should probably clean house. (To learn more, please read our Can I consolidate two user accounts? KnowledgeBase article.)

Is the user's role correct?
Make sure the user has permission to see your application. Did you assign this person the proper role? Does that role offer the view and modify permissions that you want to grant to this individual? It's easy to check: From the menu bar on any application page, select 'Users > Manage Users.' Locate the user's name and see what role is listed. To see the attributes of this role, select "Customize > Roles" and click Edit to the left of the Role in question.

If none of these troubleshooting steps solves the user access problem, please enter a support case for further assistance. Use this URL to do so:


Users with same email

Can I have an email address ,  that has mutlple users  ?

Hi Jeffrey, Yes, you can

Hi Jeffrey,


Yes, you can actually create a user name which will be listed under the same email address. For information on how to set this up, please see:




re: Is it possible to have multiple application managers?

Hi Bill,


My name is Brian from QuickBase Support. Unfortunately there can only be one manager for each application, though an app can have many administrators. I'm not sure I understand what you're trying to do, though I'll be happy to help if you're still working on it.




QuickBase Support

Is it possible to have multiple application managers?

I have a customer that needs to have the ability to switch her roles back and forth like an application manager to include to administrator, but without giving all the other roles the same ability to switch back and forth.


Is there a way to have two people as application managers?  that would seem to be the solution, but help file seems to imply there can be only one.


THanks in advance


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