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How many subscriptions and reminders can I send daily?

QuickBase allows you to configure email subscriptions and reminders for each table in your application.   

For each table, the total number of subscriptions that you can send is three times the number of registered users on your service plan, with a maximum of 4000 subscriptions. For example, if there are 10 registered users on your service plan, you can send subscriptions on each table to up to 30 people. So in that case, if you had one subscription which you were sending to 30 users, you would reach your limit. If you exceed this limit while creating or editing subscriptions, QuickBase saves your changes but displays a warning to indicate that you have exceeded your subscription limit. 

QuickBase does not count reminder emails as part of the table’s subscription limit when you are creating or editing subscriptions. 

QuickBase does, however, include reminder emails in the daily limit of subscription and reminder emails that can be sent per table.  This limit is also three times the number of registered users on your service plan, with a maximum of 4000 subscription and reminder emails sent daily per table.

If you exceed your daily subscription and reminder email limit, QuickBase sends a warning email to the application manager.  The email recipients still receive the email with a copy of the report or record.

If you exceed the 4000 email maximum, QuickBase does not send out any subscription or reminder emails.  Instead, QuickBase sends a message to the application manager indicating that that the 4000 email limit was exceeded.

To find the number of users allowed by your service plan:

  1. Open the My Apps page.

  2. Click Manage <account name> link under Account Admin on the right side of the screen.

  3. Click the link for your plan name in the Account Info section.

    The popup window details your plan limits for users, application space, and file attachment space. The top number is your number of allowed users.

  4. Multiply the number of allowed users by three to see how many email subscriptions and reminders you can send each day per table.

Be aware that if a subscription sends a single report to 10 people, this counts as 10 subscriptions sent.

To learn more about QuickBase subscriptions in general, please see our About Scheduled Report Subscriptions help topic.

Below is a copy of the warning email sent to the Application Manager when the daily subscription and reminder email limit is exceeded:

Dear Application Manager,

Last night, your QuickBase application <appname> exceeded its daily limit of ‘n’ email reminders and/or subscriptions for table <tablename>.

Here are all of your subscriptions and reminders for table <tablename>:

Subscription Name

Subscription Count

Subscription #1


Subscription #2


Reminder #1




Copy and paste the following Web address into the address bar of your browser to edit your email subscriptions and reminders: https://<account URL>/db/<table dbid>?a=emaillist

For information on how to fix the problem, please consult the frequently asked questions below.

 Best Regards,

 The QuickBase Team


What can I do to fix the problem?
You have two options:
- increase the number of users on your QuickBase service plan (if you are the administrator).
- reduce the number of recipients for the reminder emails and report subscriptions for this table in your application. To do this, use the following Web address (substituting information for your account URL and table ID) to edit your email subscriptions and reminders:

https://<account URL>/db/<table_dbid>?a=emaillist

What is the limit?
The total number of subscription and reminder emails that you send daily equals three times the number of users on your QuickBase service plan. Your limit is currently 'n'.

What kinds of emails contribute to the limit?
Reminders and subscriptions both count towards the subscription limit.  Email change notifications do not count towards the limit.

Why is there a limit?
We established the limit to manage the impact of the email subscription feature on QuickBase's overall performance.

I still don't understand. Is there someone I can talk to?
Of course. Feel free to submit a support case at



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