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How do I Update / Change my Credit Card Information?

To learn how, please see our How Do I Update My Billing Information? help topic.

Note that you must be a billing account administrator for your QuickBase account. If not, the commands to change this information will not be available.


Payment Method


I'm having trouble updating my payment method to a new credit card. I would apprieciate it if someone could give me a call ASAP.

please contact support

Hi Jack --

If you click this link: submit a support case, someone from QuickBase Customer Care should get back to you soon. 



How do I update my creit card info the present info will expire

I recieved a msg from Intuit that my creedit card info will expire before my next payroll update.  I have been trying to update my account, but i am unable to get to the page to update this info.  Please help and give me step by step instructions.

Thank you,

Frances Mcloughlin

Director Tiny Tots Learning Center

QuickBase -- or QuickBooks?

Hi Frances --

You mentioned a payroll issue, so you may have reached this page in error -- it is geared toward the QuickBase product. There are a number of links for various QuickBooks pages and a QuickBooks support number on this page:

If I'm mistaken and you're looking for QuickBase support, please contact us by entering a support case.



Change credit card

I'm trying to change the credit card in the billing editing but when I press continue a red letters saying "you are missing two spaces above" and I filled every space.


Thank you



RE: Change credit card

Hi Jazmin,


If you can click Help while logged into QuickBase, and click Manage Support Cases, then + New Support Case, one of our Customer Care reps will be happy to take a look at this with you to figure out why you're not able to update your card.




Billing Change

I am trying to update the billing credit card on our app but I cant find where to do it.  I saw the instructions below, but when I look at this, no where on my screen do I see Manage My Billing.   Please advise!

How do I Update / Change my Credit Card Information?

To change your credit card information a billing account administrator must do the following:

1. From the My Apps page, click Manage my billing account on the right side.

2. Select Edit Billing Information.

3. Update your credit card information and click Continue. A confirmation message appears after submitting the changes.

Hi Kim.That option will only

Hi Kim.

That option will only show up for billing account administrators, so if you don't have that link on your My Apps page you'll need to reach out to your point of contact running QuickBase so they can either make the change for you, or add you ad an acct admin.

If you're not sure who to talk to with your company, you can go to Help on the Global bar when you're logged into QuickBase, and go to Manage Support Cases > + New Support Case to open a ticket. This will give us the account info so you know who to reach out to about this.




Update credit card information

We need to transfer the monthly billing for WEB QuickBase to another credit card...

Hellen R. Harris

please contact support

Hi Hellen --

I've forwarded your request to the correct person, but I did want to reply here, to say that the quickest way to get your billing questions resolved is to open a Support case and enter your details there. The URL for that site is



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