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How do I easily create a recurring record or recurring tasks?

You can add a recurring record or tasks link field (which can be made to look like a button) by clicking on the link below.

The wizard will ask you for the table where you want this link field and then it will ask you for the date field that should be incremented to space the newly created records in time. This can be used for any table, not just tasks, to quickly allow users to create multiple copies of the same record spaced out over time.

When an end-user clicks the resulting link field they are prompted for how many copies they want and for what interval they want to use to space them out in time.

NOTE: This wizard works with application tokens (To learn more, please see our QuickBase Add-ons and Application Tokens help topic). If you want to use Application Tokens with this wizard add the following token to your application:
If not, you can leave the application's token requirement set to disabled.

Note: If the recurring record contains a Numeric - Percent type field, you'll need to adjust that percent value in new records you create with the recurring button or link. QuickBase automatically divides values in a numeric percent field by 100. This feature lets you enter percentages in whole numbers. So, if you want to enter a value of 30%, you can enter 30 in this type of field, and behind the scenes QuickBase records this value in its proper numeric format, which is .3. This division also happens automatically when you create a recurring record from the original. For example, if your original record contains a field called Percent Complete, which is set to 60% (really .6), any recurring record created will contain the value .6% (really .006).



User ID error

I have got my recurring tasks to work, however in my tasks the USER ID is not coming out correctly...

instead of stating that the task is assigned to "John Doe" it is reading as something like this "xxxxx.bgy" ...

Any suggestions on how to display the actual name in my subsequent tasks?



Hi Mary,I recommend you open

Hi Mary,

I recommend you open a support case by going to Help > Manage Support Cases > + New Support Case. There are a few things that might be causing this, and I think it will be helpful for one of our customer care specialists to look at the app with you to resolve the issue.




Recurring Task, recurring email alert?

I have used the above link to set recurring tasks, does this also mean that a recurring email alert will be sent out to the person that I assigned the task to? Each month (for example) when the recurring task date comes up, will a new alert be sent each time telling them that they have a task?

Thank you, Faye

Hi Faye, While adding a set

Hi Faye,


While adding a set of recurring tasks won't automatically create an email alert, you can set up a new email reminder on the table so the person the task was assigned to will be notified each time the next task in the series comes up. You can read how to add the reminder here:




Intuit QuickBase

BUG: This Script fails to copy field with type "TimeOfDay"

It appears that importable fields of type "TimeOfDay" are _reported_ in milliseconds since midnight, e.g. 77400000 for 9:30 PM.Unfortunately, API_importfromCSV is not able to use this format for importing new records. The result is that TimeOfDay data is NOT copied over into duplicated records.

For my implementation, I coded a workaround that converts the time of day to 24-hour HH:MM before resubmitting it. This block of code is added alongside the other data-scrubbing blocks (there is one for data type "UserID", and another for data type "Duration").

else if(data != "" && qdb.selectSingleNode(parentRecord, 
"/*/table/fields/field[@id=" + fid + "][@field_type='timeofday']"))
hour = (data/ 60 / 60 / 1000) - ( (data/ 60 / 60 / 1000) % 1);
minute = ((data-(hour*60*60*1000)) / 60000 ) - (((data-(hour*60*60*1000)) / 60000 ) % 1);
if (minute < 10)
data = hour+":"+minute;
alert("Processing: time of day will be stored as "+data);

clarification needed

Hi Zack --

Are you referring to your script that you attached to your comment? Or was this comment posted to the wrong article? Please let us know.



Recurring Record

When creating the recurring record, how do I reference that I want it to update both Scheuled Start data and sceduled completion of a training class. I can get it to do one or the other and not both. This is the code I am trying to use to get it to populate both fields.


"javascript:void('" & URLRoot() &"db/6mztyxu8" & "?a=dbpage&dbid=" & Dbid() &"&rid=" & [Record ID#] & "&datefid=20" & "&datefid=21" & "&pagename=recurring.html','recurring','top=240,left=320,width=400,height=150,location=no,menubar=no,toolbar=no'))"

QB Response


I would recommend that you post this to our community forum, as many of our partner developers hang out in there and are more than willing to help with things such as this. Here is the link:




What to do when your Key Field is not Record ID#

Does anybody know how to make this wizard work when your key is not your Record ID#?

What to do when your Key Field is not Record ID#

Hello, It may be possible to adjust the javascript of the wizard to work with your key field. If you're comfortable with javascript, you can right click on the wizard to view the source code, copy and adjust the code as necessary, and then host your version of the wizard in your application. If you're not comfortable writing in javascript, one of our business consultants (our third party developers) can help. To speak with a developer, please follow the link below and fill out the required fields. Thanks, Karis QuickBase Support

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