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How do I delete a user completely? I am the administrator and yet it seems I cannot delete a user completely. Example: An employee is fired, quits or otherwise leaves the company and I want to ensure that they no longer have access to my applications.

The simplest thing for you to do is to deny the user access to your billing account. When you put a user on the deny list, QuickBase makes sure that the user cannot log in to any applications in your account.

To learn more, see this QuickBase online help topic: Remove a user from a billing account.

In most cases when you want to block a user’s access, the Deny option should suffice. However, some organizations may have the need to go further. If you need to ensure that a user never logs into ANY QuickBase billing account with your company’s email address, we do provide the Deactivate and Delete options.
You can enter a technical support case to request the ability to deactivate and/or delete users. To deactivate or delete users, the following conditions must be true:

  • QuickBase technical support must have approved your request for deactivate permissions

  • Your company's email domain must be registered with QuickBase

  • Your email domain must match one of the domains that is registered with QuickBase for your company/billing account

  • The user's email domain must match one of the domains that is registered with QuickBase for your company/billing account

  • For delete only: The user must be unverified in all accounts associated with the realm. An unverified user has registered but has yet to fully complete the process by clicking on the link in the verification email sent by QuickBase to confirm that the user really is at the email address given upon registration. Unverified users cannot sign-in. If a verified user changes his/her email address they can drop back to unverified status.

  • You may already have the ability to deactivate , reactivate, and delete users. To find out:

    1. On the My QuickBase page, click Manage your billing account.

    2. Go to the Users with Access tab.

    If you have the ability to deactivate, delete, or reactivate users, you'll see the Deactivate, Delete, and Reactivate buttons at the top of the user list.

    To learn more about deactivate and delete, read this QuickBase online help topic:
    Deactivating and deleting users


    Hi, I am looking for API that



    I am looking for API that will help me deactivate/reactivate user from quickbase. It would be great if some one can help on the same

    I am looking for APIs as we will be having identity management software that will help us manage quickbase users without having to log into quickbase for user management tasks like reset password.




    RE: Hi, I am looking for API that

    Hi Pradeep,


    Unfortunately there is not currently an API available to deactivate or reactivate a user. However, you can use API_AddUserToRole to share an app with a new user, and API_RemoveUserFromRole to revoke that access. For more information on user maangement APIs, please see the managing user access section here: 

    Also if you have a minute, could you explain your specific need for these APIs on our User Voice forum? That will help our product deveopment team understand this need. You can find our User Voice site here:




    How do I re-activate a deactivated user?

    How do I re-activate a deactivated user? I have an employee that's returned to the company and was re-issued her previous e-mail address. I had deactivated that user to reduce my user total.

    How do I re-activate a deactivated user?

    Hello, You can reactivate a user, and the following help topic explains how. Thanks, Karis QuickBase Support

    Need Help Reactivating a user

    I tried to follow the directions at but perhaps something has changed in the past 2.5 years because I didn't have a link on the left hand side to reactivate users and nothing I've tried has seemed to help reactivate my user.  What can I do?  Thanks.

    check with your local administrator

    Hi Mikko --

    If your My QuickBase page does not have a link on the left side titled "Manage my billing account" and it did before, your role or permissions may have been changed by your local QuickBase administrator. Try contacting that person first. 

    If your role and permissions should allow you to manage billing accounts and you still don't see this link, please contact QuickBase Support directly to try to find a solution: This will provide the quickest resolution for your issue.



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