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How do I create an automatically increasing sequential number or alpha-numeric string?

If you create a formula numeric type of field, you can reference the built in field Record ID # to increment your number automatically. If you're not familiar with creating new fields, please see our Add a New Field help topic.


Once you've created your formula numeric field, your formula would look something like this.

[Record ID #] + 100

This formula would take the Record ID # and add 100 to it for each new record. So if the Record ID # is 1, the formula numeric field would return 101.

If your sequential number needs to include letters, create a formula text field instead of a formula numeric field. Your formula might look something like this.

[Record ID #] + 100 & " " & "Support"

If the Record ID # is 1, the formula text field would return 101 Support.


How can I limit this field to

How can I limit this field to 10 charactors?

Hello,If you use this formula


If you use this formula as an example:


[Record ID #] + 100


You can use the Left function to limit the output to 10 characters:


Left(ToText([Record ID #] + 100),10)





I am not familiar at all with programming language.

How would i use  a letter from another selection field, then first four letters OF A CUSTOMER FIELD, then a job number from another field, then a 001 (SEQUENTAL NON REPEATING PER MONTH) after that?



I would also like to add revisions (LIKE R1, R2, ETC) at a later date when the drawing needed to be revised.



(c) conceptual drawing or others from another drop down choice field, Payless Shoesource, 1234(job number), 001=







Hi Nick, To include the first

Hi Nick,


To include the first four letters of a text field, you can use the Left function. So, for example, if I wanted the field to show the first four letters of the text field "Customer", and then start counting from 101 I would use something like:

Left([Customer],4) & "-" & ToText(100 + [Record ID#])

It is possible to re-start the counter each month, by creating a parent table to track the months and use a snapshot of the number of records for that month to get the count. The best thing to do would be to log in, go to Help > Manage Support Cases > New Support Case. That way a customer care specialist can look at your app with you and help you build the specific formula you need.




id auto create

i want to take first 4 letters of name and then add some nubera in it. i dont know how to do it.

Hello,Since the Record ID#


Since the Record ID# field is the only field in QuickBase whose value is generated automatically, any formula which has a similar auto-incrementing feature needs to include the Record ID#.


However, if you have a Text field called Name and a Numeric field called Number, you can create a Formula - Text field to put them together as you described:

Left([Name],4) & "-" & ToText([Number])




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