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How do I copy a project and all its task records while maintaining the dependencies?

In the July 2011 release, we introduced a QuickBase feature called Copy Master and Detail Records. Use this feature to add a button to a master table that either copies the master record with its detail records, or imports a set of detail records into a different master record. QuickBase maintains relationships and dependencies when copying or importing the records. The Copy Master and Detail Records feature is available from Home > Settings > App Management. To learn more, please see our About the Copy Master and Detail Records Option help topic.

Note: There used to be a stand-alone version of the wizard, but the current version is recommended.


Copy Cross-Application Details?

In attempting to import detail records, I only want to copy the detail records from one specific relationship. When I choose the radio button to specify which relationship, it only shows me relationships in the same application. Unfortunately, the details table is in another application. Is it possible to copy detail records across application borders?

Hi Pedro, Unfortunately our

Hi Pedro,


Unfortunately our Copy Master and Detail Records tool is not currently compatible with cross-app relationships. I'm sorry for the inconvenience. If you have a minute to explain that this would be a useful feature for you to have in the future, that would be very helpful. You can log your feedback here:




Intuit QuickBase

remove the "Copy This" button

How do I remove the "Copy this" button created by this wizard?

re: removing the Copy This button

Hi Monica --

The button you're referring to is nothing more or less than a Formula-URL field. All you need to do is access the Fields list for the table containing the field, and delete the field. Hope this helps!



Many Copies at Once

I have my copy button working perfectly but I need to make 20-40 copies at one time (Instead of clicking it 20 times) Is there a way to have a dialog box pop up and ask "How Many Copies?" and have The copy button know to perform the task as many times as the user inputs? Alternately I could have the user fill in another field and the copy button could look at that field to pull the number of copies needed. Is this possible?

Copying task records only

Is it possible to copy only child records from certain tables. For instance, we track time on the job level, so when I go to copy the job, it copies not only tasks, but also timesheets (which we do not). I, personally, am not a developer and do not have the coding knowledge to manipulate the wizard.

Copying task records only

Hello, There is a step in the wizard that allows you to choose whether the wizard would only copy Tasks, or if it would copy Tasks and Timesheets. "Do you want to just copy the direct descendants of the parent record or do you want to copy all the children?" If you only want the wizard to copy Tasks, you would choose "Just the direct descendants." If you'd prefer to have the wizard copy Tasks and Timesheets, choose "All the descendants (children of children... etc.)" Thanks, Karis QuickBase Support

automatically changing fields at copy time

I did as suggested, and added Template fields to both the project and task tables. But when I copy, I would like the Template field to automatically become unchecked (it's checked when I make the copies). Any thoughts?

automatically changing fields at copy time

Hi Patrick, If you un-check the Template check box before hitting the Copy button, the resulting records will not have the box checked. If you're comfortable writing code, you could view and then copy the source code of the wizard, and change the code to tell QuickBase that in the resulting records, the Template check box should not be checked. This adjusted code would then need to live as a text page in one of your applications. This is beyond the supported scope of the product, however, so if you're not comfortable adjusting the code, you'll need to work with one of our third party developers. The following link allows you to request to speak with a third party developer. Thanks, Karis QuickBase Support

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