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How do I adjust (resize) the column width in my reports?

QuickBase doesn't set the width of columns in reports. Since the program has no way of knowing what font and font size a user's browser is configured to, we leave it to the browser to determine the appropriate widths for each column and the appropriate width for the entire report. Usually the browser does a pretty good job of this.

The browser determines column widths by looking at the data in each column. If the text in the column is allowed to wrap, the browser will often narrow the column in order fit the report onto the page. Occassionally a particularly long word, or more commonly a long URL will prevent the browser from narrowing a column.

If a column is too wide, look at the data in the column. You'll probably find an uninterrupted string of characters that can't be wrapped that's causing the column to be so wide. Go into that record and insert some spaces in that really long string of uninterrupted characters to allow it to wrap.

Also look at the name of the field at the top of the column. It may be causing the column to be too wide. If this is the case shorten the name of the field. Remember that column heads on multi-line text fields never wrap. All other fields allow their column heading to wrap.

If a column is too narrow try making the field name longer. Sometimes you have to make the field name an uninterrupted string of characters to make it force the width of the column wider.

Setting the width property of a field does not affect the width of the corresponding column in a repot. The width field property only affects the width of the data entry field on add and edit record forms.


resizing the "invoices" screen

I am having a problem resizing the perimeter right and left edges of my screen when displaying both the previous invoice screen and the summary screen.

The window only allows me to resize the invoice window or the entire window diagionally.

RE: resizing the "invoices" screen



The best thing to do in this situation would be for you to open a support case by going to Help > Manage Support Cases > + New Support Case. That way one of our customer care specialists can take a look at your app with you to see how your invoices report is set up.




Column width issue since October 1st, 2012


I have an issue with report display since Oct 1st, 2012. 

Columns are much wider than before. The report do not adujst automatically to the screen size anymore. I have some reports which are now using the equivalent of three screens. Columns with just a character take 20 'spaces'

This happens with reports where the display satisfactorily - no change on them. I am (and have been) using Safari on a Mac OS 10.8.2

please contact customer support

Hi Pierre,

If you're still experiencing this issue, please contact Customer Support and open a case to get one-on-one support (



Limit text characters in report



I tried using the left function to limit the number of characters in a long text field. But the changes do not show in report.


This is the formula I am using.

Left([Notes Overview],50)


Can you please suggest what is wrong with this formula. 

Qb doesn't pop up any error so I am assuming the firmula is correct?

Hi Savi --The formula seems

Hi Savi --

The formula seems correct, but there are still reasons you may not see the results in the report.

- Have you put your formula in a Formula-Text field, or defined a custom column in your report? If not, there's no place to store the result and it wouldn't appear in the report.

- If you have created a field or custom column, have you added it to the columns included in the report?

- Are there permission restrictions on that field? If you don't have access to the original field, that would explain the lack of results.

- Does the Notes Overview column contain *any* data? I'd suggest creating a filter to show only a few records, and then including both the Notes Overview column and the formula column in that report. 

If none of these suggestions help, please contact Customer Support and open a case to get one-on-one support (



Column widths in a table view

I'm a bit confused by the answer provided above.

In my multipage table the description field on page 1 displays fine (about a 500 character width), on page two the same field displays at about 50 character width, on page 3 of the table the description field displays fine once again.  The same font, pt. size, etc are used on all pages.  Why would the same table with same properties display differently?

Broken link here

Advised by your help desk to come here - wanted this link - but it is broken!

column width options needed

When displaying multi-line text fields in reports, it would be helpful to have an option to display only the first N characters. By mousing over the field, a user could display the entire text.

great idea!

great idea!

column width options needed

Hello, You can use a formula field to show only a certain amount of characters. The following Knowledgebase article explains how to set this up if you're using an append field. Even if your field isn't an append field, you can use the same logic to parse out a specific amount of text. You might find one of the Left functions helpful. I've given you links to the two Left functions below. Do those suggestions help? Thanks for the great feedback about mouse over options. I'm taking your enhancement request to our product managers for consideration in the next release. Thanks, Karis QuickBase Support

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