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How do I add the capability to allow my users to send email from within my QuickBase application?

Add a new table to your application and call it "Sent Email". If you follow the directions below then your users can send an email from within your QuickBase application just by adding a record to this new table.

Set the noun for the records in this new table to "Send Email".

Add the following fields to the new table:

To (Text)
Subject (Text)
Body (Multi-line Text)

Then set up an open email change notification so that when a record is added to this table or modified, an email is sent to:


You can rename the field "Record Owner" to "From".

All the emails sent this way will be logged in the table.

You should set up permissions on this table so that your users can add new records and view their "Own Records" as well as modify their "Own Records".

To learn more, please see our Create a Record Change Notification help topic.



Hello all. My sales guy wants a way to send emails to his clients directly within quickbase. I followed above but only got as far as creating the form fields. How do I now have it once the "record"/email is created that it sends that email off to the email address noted in the TO field?  Can someone please provide a step by step tutorial? All assistance is greatly appreciated. Thank you!


Hi Chuck,If you're stil

Hi Chuck,

If you're stil having trouble setting up your email notifications, please open a support case by going to Help > Manage Support Cases > + New Support Case. That way a customer care specialist can contact you directly and help you get set up.




Multiple email

I would like to do something similar.  How can I send to multiple recipients pointed to an email field.  

In my form I have an email field. I know how to send an auto email based on this field but can I send to multiple email addresses in this field, say by entering a , or ; between email addresses.,

re: multiple email addresses in a field

Hi Steve --

Unfortunately, email address fields were designed to hold only one email address at a time. I would encourage you to contact QuickBase Customer Support or your account representative to voice your concerns and see if there is a workaround.

If you have a suggestion for a new QuickBase feature, please enter it on UserVoice (accessible via the "feedback" button on the My QuickBase page, or at This central repository for product suggestions gives our product managers a way to look at all the suggestions in one place and ensures that your suggestion would be seen by the correct people.



This won't work

Quickbase doesn't allow to put a text field as recipient. It says it must be user or email type. So it's impossible to enter multiple emails into To field although you can enter many emails at notification form (Notify whom). Does anybody know how to invoke User Selector dialog in your own application?

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