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How can I find duplicate values in a specific field?

The easiest way to find places where the same value is used in the same field across multiple records is to use a Summary report. To create one, you can:

1. Choose a table from the Table bar.
2. Click REPORTS & CHARTS to open the reports panel, then click + New.
3. In the dialog, select Summary and click Create.

Now set the view properties to the following:

1. Under Grouping and crosstabs, set Group by to the field you want to identify duplicate entries for.
2. Under Sorting, choose Custom order.
3. Change the Sort by line so it reads: Sort by # of (items) from high to low.

When you click Display, you'll see a table that has two columns: the field values in the first column and the number of times that field's value has been entered across all records. At this point you can click on the field values to get a list of each record that has that specific field value.

To learn more about Summary reports in general, please see our About Summary Reports help topic.


How to validate if a record is a duplicate of another?

Is there a way to validate, while creating a record, whether it's a duplicate of another?

I have a table where vehicle appraisal records are stored. More than one appraisal can be made per vehicle, but after the 1st one, i'd like a formula field to notify the user that this vehicle has a previous appraisal.


any suggestions on how this could be done? 

Hi Carlos,Unfortuantely the

Hi Carlos,

Unfortuantely the only way to determine if a record is a duplicate is to fill out the record and attempt to save it. At that point QuickBase will block the record from being added if it includes duplicate values for any unique fields. A formula would not be able to do this since they work within a single record, rather than across records.

You might want to reach out to on eof our great third-party partners to see if they would be able to build a custom solution for this:

I'm happy to answer questions regarding the native functionality of QB, but unfortunately we cannot support writing custom code. Some options you have for this are:taking a look at our HTTP API Guide: one of our QuickBase SDKs, if you are familiar with programming. We have SDKs for Perl, Visual Basic, PHP, C#, Java, and JavaScript - on the community forums for assistance, where many developers hang out - a third party developer -




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