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How can I embed a report on my form, populated with data from another table?

As long as there is a common link between the table on which you want to embed the report and the  table that contains the records you want to display, this process is simple.

Consider the example below. The application track projects across the business unit and is made up of three tables: Projects, Tasks, and Documents. You establish these relationships:

You want to display the documents that belong to a project when you're viewing a task, as shown below:

Follow these steps:

1. Determine the common field you will use to tie Tasks and Documents together. In this example, you know that both the Tasks table and the Documents table have a field in common—this is the Related Project field. This reference field is created automatically when you create the Projects-to-Tasks and Projects-to-Documents relationships.

2. Create a new field on the table in which you want to embed the report. Set the field type to Report Link. In our example, we’ll to create a Report Link field called Project Documents in the Tasks table.

3. Edit the Project Documents field's Report Link options and set them as follows:

  • Under Match the values in this
    field from this table
    —choose the common field you identified in step 1. In our example, we’ll choose Related Project

  • Under to the values in this field--Click Select Target to choose the target field. Here, you need to identify the application, table, and field for the common field on table that contains the items you want to display in your report.

In our example, we’ll choose the current app: Projects Across Business Unit…then choose the Related Project field in the Documents table:

4. Edit the form layout that will contain the embedded report. Select your Report Link field and set properties as follows:

  • Check the Use Alternate Label Text" and enter whatever text you want to appear on the form. In our example, we’ll enter “Related Documents.”

  • Check the Display the related documents directly on the form option. In the dropdown, select a report that contains the columns you want in your embedded report, or create a new report with those columns included.

When you’ve finished, you will be able to see a list of documents related to the project when viewing a task.

Note:This article illustrates one use of the Report Link field....but you can do more. See the QuickBase online help for more information.



Three columns

The downside to this is that you can only show three total columns. If you want to have more than two pieces of data about a particular record shown, it's not allowed as a default. Any suggestions to overcome this issue are welcome.

RE: Three columns

Hi Jake,


While the record picker option under 'Base the display on the report' allows up to three columns, you can select a report from that same dropdown. When you do, you have all the same options for the embedded report as you would for a full report; you can include as many columns as you need, sort/group those columns, etc. If you don't want to use an existing report, you can create a new one on the source table.




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