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How can I display a date in the European date format of day-month-year?

In order to display a date in this special format, you'll need to create a new field whose job is only to display the date.

To do so, add a field to the table containing your existing date field and make its type "Formula - Text". (To learn more, please see our Add a New Field help topic.)

Once you create the field, open its properties page by clicking the field's name. Enter the following in the formula box:

Right("0" & Day([your date field]), 2)& "-" & Right("0" & Month([your date field]), 2) & "-" & Year([your date field])

Replace the text "your date field" with the name of the table's date field.

Click Save.

QuickBase now takes the value from the date field you specified and displays it in your new formula field in European format. Add this new field to whatever views you wish. (To learn more, please see our Create a New Report from Scratch help topic.)

To learn more about formulas in general, please see our Using Formulas in QuickBase help topic.


I agree with Pierre. The

I agree with Pierre. The European date format is not just for Europe. It is widely used in Asia Pacific as well. Quickbase is also growing for us in Australia and we have many date fields in our applications. It is not acceptable to have to rework all date to display as suggested.

Quickbase needs create the ability to specify date formats in the field options to be more global friendly. The date field is such an important field.

Another field that can have more flexible formatting is the phone number field.

I would really appreciate what feedback Quickbase can make on their plans/actions for these two field types

Hi June, In our last release

Hi June,


In our last release from earlier this month we did actually roll out international settings for our date fields, which can be set at the field, app, or account level. 


Also, if you have a minute it would be great if you could share your thoughts about what you'd like to see change with our Phone Number fields on our product feedback site:




Intuit QuickBase

Date Format

Hello there, 

I just want to share this to you guys this is actually what I did when I want to have this format e.g. 20 August, 2012

Right("0" & Day(ToDate([Date Created])), 2)& "&nbsp" & Case(Month(ToDate([Date Created])),1,"January",2,"February",3,"March",4,"April",5,"May",6,"June",7,"July",8,
"August",9,"September",10,"October",11,"November",12,"December" ) & "," & Year
(ToDate([Date Created]))

I hope it can help the other people solving their problem when it comes to date.

This solution is not acceptable !

If we use this, we lose all the date formulas options.

What we would need is a display option.

re: not acceptable

Bon jour, Pierre --

Thank you for writing. I understand that you feel strongly about the need for European dates. If you run your date formulas on the original date fields, then apply the solution above to the formula-date fields to display the results in the European date, will that work for your usage?



re: not acceptable

Hello Sybil

Merci beaucoup for your answer

I am now a user of Quickbase. Our user base is growing within the company (30) and we have 5 applications. We have maybe one hundred of date fields across our tables.

The date is an issue for us as the users make mistakes with the dates.

The solution you propose is a display solution, not a typing one. Also it would take quite some time to type all the formulas. The best we have come sofar is to recommend the users to type the dates in the calendars. Works, but is slow.

I would have other recommendations for updates in Quickbase - which is a great product.

Date fields

Hi Pierre --

We'd love to hear your suggestions! We're actively collecting user feedback on QuickBase via UserVoice (, use your QuickBase login). Our product managers monitor this forum and use the information presented there in their planning. 



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