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How can I create a formula URL button which opens a specific form for data entry?

Typically in QuickBase, forms usage is determined at either the role level, or at the report level. You can, however, use a formula URL button to call upon specific forms regardless of forms usage settings. This is useful if you‘ve created multiple data entry forms, each with their own layout, that you wish to call upon at various stages of the record entry process.

This article describes how to build a formula URL button using an example that assumes the following:

  • You’ve set up a relationship between two tables in your application, and

  • You want to use a formula URL button to open a form for the details (child) record in that relationship.

  • Create a new Formula URL type button in the master table. The formula you’ll add to this button follows this format:

    URLRoot() & "db/" & [_Your_Table_Alias_Here_] &"?act=API_GenAddRecordForm&_fid_xx="&[Record ID] &"&dfid=xx" &"&z=" & Rurl()

    You’ll need to replace some of the values in this formula in order to make it work in your application, as follows.

  • [_Your_Table_Alias_Here_] --Enter the table alias value of the child table. Click here to learn how to find the table alias.

  • fid_xx,--Replace xx with the field ID of the reference field in your child table. To obtain this value from the child table, show the Field ID and Info columns in the list of fields in the table. Find the reference field that ties your child table back to this master, and make a note of the field ID of this field; you'll replace the xx in fid_xx with this number.

  • [Record ID]–Enter the fid for the key field in your master table. If you haven’t changed the key field, this will be the [Record ID] field. To determine which field is the key field, look at the list of fields in the master table. You'll see a key icon next to the key field. Replace the [Record ID] section of the formula with the fid for this field.

  • dfid=xx-- Set the xx to the Form ID of the form you want to call up. To obtain the form ID, access the list of forms for the child table then edit the layout of the custom form you wanted to use. In the address bar’s URL you’ll see the dfid value.

  • Once you've built the formula, add the button to your master form. When you click this button, you will be adding a related child record using the form of your choosing. You can add additional formula URL buttons to call up as many different forms as you like.


    URL Formula to view record in custom form using specific key

    Greetings, My need is a variant on this - I want to open the related record for viewing in a specific form. The child table uses a text field as it's key. The above examples are close to what I need, but not quite. I've played around with the URL and can't quite get it to work. Thanks for any help! I cannot seem to find info on this particular usage. -g

    Hi Greg, In that case, could

    Hi Greg,


    In that case, could you go to Help > Manage Support Cases > + New Support Case? That way a customer care specialist can look at your specific formula to see what's going on there.




    View the "different" form after saving?

    I was able to apply the "different form" to open.

    But, I noticed that after you save the data on the "different form", the default form loads on the view page.  

    How can you do both, open the "different form" AND view the "different form" after saving?


    Hi Rey,After you save a

    Hi Rey,

    After you save a record, QuickBase will load the form set for viewing records under that role. Unforunately there's not a way to break that piece out into multiple forms. I'm sory for the inconvenience. If you get a minute, could you log this as a potential new feature on our User Voice forum?





    Display the same record but in a different form

      Ryan asked the same question I have, I have several forms for one table. How can I have a user open a second form to fill in additional details for an existing record.





    Hi Patrick,As described in

    Hi Patrick,

    As described in the article above, you can build a Formula - URL field pointing to your additional form. That way your user can click the formula button to open the alternate form.




    The issue is that this ADDS A

    The issue is that this ADDS A NEW RECORD, what about if you want to update an EXISTING RECORD through this particular form?

    Hi David,Tweaking the logic

    Hi David,

    Tweaking the logic above, you can use this formula to open an existing record for editing, under a specified form:


    URLRoot() & "db/" & [_Your_Table_Alias_Here_] &"?a=er&rid="&[Record ID]&"&dfid=xx"




    Intuit QuickBase

    Problem getting this to work


    I followed the instructions above but i get the following errors message when I try to save the field


    "The argument list of the function z must begin with a left parenthesis."

    Please assist.


    Hi Frank, What formula have

    Hi Frank,


    What formula have you entered in the field, once you've filled in your table alias, field ID, and form ID?




    Display a Record in a Form Within the same Table

    I'm trying to create the URL button to display the same record in a different form within the same table. How would i do this?

    RE: 'Display a Record in a Form Within the same Table'

    Hi Ryan,


    If you visit the Support Portal at and open a case a support rep will reach out to you and will be happy to give you a hand with that.




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