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How can I create colored backgrounds, pictures and stoplight graphics in my forms and reports?

You can use the HTML function of a Formula - Text field to produce background colors and even graphics into forms, tables and reports.

Below are a few examples:



Colored Status and Icons: Example of using Formula - Text fields with HTML to produce fields that have background colors and graphics.


Colored Groups: Example of using Formula - Text fields with HTML to display background color by grouping.



1. Create a Formula - Text field and paste this into the formula section of the field's properties (This is called Colored Status above):

"Not Started","<div style=\"background-color:pink;width:50\">Not Started</div>",
"In-Progress","<div style=\"background-color:lightyellow;width:50\">In-Progress</div>",
"Completed","<div style=\"background-color:honeydew;width:50\">Completed</div>",

2. Create another Formula - Text field and paste this into the formula section of the field's properties (This is called Icon Status above):

Case ([Status],
"Not Started",
"<div><img src=\"\"></div>",
"<div><img src=\"\"></div>",
"<div><img src=\"\"></div>",


3. Select your graphic icons or pictures (ideally small thumbnails) and load them into QuickBase.

4. Copy their URL location and insert them into the formula above for the respective locations for the various status settings.

5. Don't forget to check the "Allow some HTML tags" checkbox.

6. Include the new fields on your reports.


Additional Resources

- To learn more, please see our About Row Highlighting help topic.

- Looking for different icons for your report? Check out our QuickBase Clip Art Icons.

- You can customize the perfect color for your field at Color Picker.


can't get icon to work

I keep getting formula errors when I try to put this in a forumla text field. Any suggestions? FORMULA TEXT FIELD - ICON STATUS: Case ([Status],"Not Started","", "In-Progress","", "Completed","", null)

can't get icon to work

Hi John, What error messages are you getting? Thanks, Karis QuickBase Support

Color for Multiple Choice Text

I have tried to do the above but if the field is a multiple choice field it does not allow me to enter in the html tags for color. I am trying to colorize the status column field - is this possible?

Color for Multiple Choice Text

Hi Dani, At this time, only our formula text fields allow HTML tags. You can use a formula text field to display the value in your multiple choice field, though. The following link as well as this article explains the steps. Color the Background of a Field with HTML If you get stuck, please enter a support case and we'll help you out! How do I create a Support Case for QuickBase? 1. Log in to QuickBase at 2. Go to and select "Enter a support case." 3. Enter the relevant information in the fields and be as detailed as possible. 4. Click Save. Your message is then sent to the QuickBase Support team. 5. When your case is updated by the support team, you will receive an email notifying you of the update. You can then respond by updating the Issue/Question section of the case, and we will then receive your updated case and respond accordingly. * If you are not able or choose not login to QuickBase, then you will not be able to update your case. It will be created using an Anonymous profile and you will only receive a reply to your message via email. How do I see the cases I have created? 1. Go to 2. On the right side of the screen, click the Support Portal Beta button. You will be prompted to sign in. From here you can see your previous and current cases. Thanks! Karis QuickBase Support

This is great!!!

This is great!!!

This is great. I just needed

This is great. I just needed the cell colored so I went with the following formula: If([Summary VVL Fac]>0," "," ") I found that (at least in Firefox) the pixel width needed to be specified with the number and "px" (width:40px).

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