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How can I automatically populate many pieces of user information into Project records each time a user adds a Project?

You will need (at least) two related data tables to achieve this result. Assume that you already have a table called Projects with a User field called 'Assigned To'. This article will show you how to use this field in a relationship to a resources table, allowing you to bring one or more additional data values into your Project based on the fact that one of your users is assigned to the Project.

Create a new table an name it 'Resources.'

Add fields to this Resource table for all of the different data types that you want to populate for each user associated to a Project. You must include a 'User' type field that will be the users name. Be sure to set this User field as the KEY field in your resource table. (To learn more, please see our Set the Key Field of a Table help topic.) Make sure that this table is populated with all of the users that might be referenced in your Projects table and enter the data into each of your supporting fields. Be sure to select a user for the key field in each record.

You will need to build a relationship (To learn more, please see our About Relationships help topic.) between your Projects table and your Resources table where Resources is the Master table in the relationship. The logic here is that each Resource will be related to one or more projects. When building the relationship between the tables, you will be asked to select a field to use as the Reference field in your Projects table that will establish the link from a project to a resource. Select to 'use an existing field' and choose the 'Assigned To' field that currently contains the user that is assigned to each project. When prompted to choose Lookup fields from the resource table, select one or more fields from the Resource table that you want to auto-populate in the project each time a user is assigned to a project. (You can create more lookup fields from the Resource table once the relationship has been created by going back into the relationship properties screen from the Fields & Tables area.) To learn more, please see our Create a Lookup Field help topic.

If you would like the Assigned To field in the Projects table to default to the Current User, you can set this from the field properties of the Assigned To reference field.

Each time a user adds a new project, their name will be the default user in the Assigned To field, and once the Project record is saved, all of the other data that you have collected about this user in the Resources table will be returned to your Project record via the Lookup fields you created in the relationship.


Lookups as default values

What's written here is fine when you want to pull in info from a related table, and not change it. But I want to use related table fields as the default values, but have them editable. I can't see any way to do this. Is there? Example (very common case): Companies Table, People Table. Company has address fields (address, city, state, etc.). A person at that company may or may not work at that address. I'd like to default to the company's address, but be able to change it. Ideas?

Lookups as default values

Hi Barry, While you cannot edit look up fields, you could create an editable field to enter in an override value, and then create a formula field that displays the value in the look up field if the override field is blank, but displays the value in the override field if that field is not blank. Example formula :If([Project Address Override]= "", [Project ID - Project Address], [Project Address Override]) Thanks, Karis QuickBase Support

Keeping a Lookup Value

Is there any way to pass by value instead of pass by reference for a lookup field?

For example I have two tables, TableA and TableB.

TableA has a RecordX with a FieldY which contains the word "Hello".

TableB has a RecordBX with a FieldBY which I want to set equal to TableA:RecordX:FieldY and then be able to delete RecordX in TableA without removing the value that is now in FieldBY.

I'm sure this has a simple answer but I'm not quite getting it.

Hey Ross,You can use a

Hey Ross,

You can use a snapshot to set this up. So if you have a Numeric field in the master table, and a Numeric lookup on the details table, you'll need one more field. This will be a standard Numeric field on the details table (not a formula). If you edit the settings, you can tick 'Get this field's value from a lookup field and don't allow the value to change' near the bottom of the page. When you do, just select the corresponding lookup field to get the value from. You can also push the lookup values to existing details records!

Read more about snapshots here:




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