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How can I add an approve or reject button to my email notifications?

In a recent webinar a customer asked how they might use an email notification to embed an "approve" and "reject" button such that when their client opened their email, they could make the selection right there in the email and the result would be to update the record and log the client's choice to include an audit trail of the person, the decision date and time.

You can do this with a simple Formula URL button and the following sample code:

URLRoot() & "db/" & Dbid() & "?act=API_EditRecord&apptoken=eqfdujiwskwidvd3jphn866p&_fid_97=Approved&rid=" & [Record ID] & "&rdr=" & URLEncode(URLRoot() & "db/" & Dbid() & "?act=dr&rid=" & [Record ID])

Where in this example the key field for this project is [Record ID] and the field that is being "Approved" is fid_97. (Update these to reflect your application)

When someone presses the "Approved" button it edits the record and changes the value of field 97 with "Approved" and then redirects to display the edited record.

An example of this may be viewed in the following video:

This is an example of the type of things we discuss daily in our 10 free and live weekly webinars.


Approve/Reject from email and display message to approval

I have the functionality working for the approve/reject buttons and email notification. I don't like the redirect feature back to the form. It might confuse the executives who are unfamiliar with Quickbase that action is required when they have already completed their action by logging their approval via email. The QB Support rep suggested I use a rich text page to redirect to, but the syntax he provided does not work. Is there a way to display a message  or provide the proper syntax to replace the redirect to record ID with redirect to rich text page?

Hello,In this situation it


In this situation it would be best if you could open a support case by logging in to QuickBase and clicking Help from any screen, and then clicking Manage Support Cases.  That way one of our support reps can take a look at the redirect you have set up.




Intuit QuickBase

Setting multiple values by pressing one button?

When a user hits the APPROVE button I need it do to many things, all of which now occur on the form using a rule. For instance, when approved, we set the following values:

1. Approved by (user id)

2. Approved date (date/time=now)

3. Status = "Approved by TL"

4. Approved Checkbox = true

How can I set multiple values, especially those like the first one that needs to know the user id of the person doing the approving?

I REALLY wish QB would develop record based rules that would execute regardless of where the changes took place.

You know, like a database trigger? By putting rules on forms we have to duplicate rules everywhere to keep functionality the same.



Is there a way to add 'reason rejected' detail as well?

Would like to update the record with a rejection reason if person chooses that option from auto-notification. Is that possible?

Hi Jen, My name is Brian from

Hi Jen,


We're able to make the approve and reject automatic because the buttons always send the same value. If there are a handful of popular reasons why something is approved or rejected, we could definitely do that - but to have a custom reason entered would require the recipient to click on the link in the email to go into QuickBase and enter their reason.

If you would like to set up the automatic sending of specific values for 'reason rejected', please visit the support portal at and open a support case. A support rep will reach out to you and will be happy to give you a hand.




QuickBase Support

Interested To Know

Hi Brian:

I started using the approve via email feature in quickbase and noticed your note of being able to pass standard information back to quickbase using this same method.  I am interested to know how this is done.  In addition to the Approve link, I also would like to have a drop down menu allowing the approver to select a couple different options.


Thanks for your help,


RE: 'Interested To Know'

Hi TJ,

If you open a case via the Support Portal at a support rep will reach out to you and will be happy to show you how you can pass other standard information back through an email notification.




How do we get around them having to login first?

Is there a way for them to add their signin creds via the email too? Or better yet have people approve who are not users of the application.

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