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Can you provide me with the exact formula to change a date format to YYYY-MM-DD?

If you'd like to change the default date format to YYYY-MM-DD throughout your account or app, see the instructions in this help topic:

If your account admin or app admin has set the default date to something other than YYYY-MM-DD, and you'd like to display that format for a single field, follow the instructions below:

Create a Formula-Text field and set the formula to:

Year([YourDate]) & "-" & Right("0" & Month([YourDate]), 2) & "-" & Right("0" & Day([YourDate]), 2)

This formula assumes your Date field in QuickBase is called "YourDate". Substitute your Date field name for "YourDate" in the formula above to show that field in YYYY-MM-DD format.


Hello,These formulas will


These formulas will depend on the date format in your app. For the US-style MM-DD-YYYY years, you can use these formulas to display just the MM, DD, and YYYY:


Month formula:


Left(ToText([date field]),2)


Day formula:

Left(NotLeft(ToText([date field]),3),2)


Year formula:

Right(ToText([date field]),4)




Can you provide the formaula to change a date format to just DD

I have a document that i need to seperate out the DD MM and YYYY as they each have their own field.  Can you provide the formula please

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