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Can I color records in a calendar report?

Yes you can! You can create a formula text field that will display the value you want to see on the calendar as well as showing a color. In other words, if you want to see the Status of a record in red on your calendar, you could create a formula text field that displays the value from the field Status and is colored red. You would then display this formula text field on your calendar report.

Step 1. Create a Formula - Text field. For more information, please see our Add a New Field help topic.

Step 2. Enter the field properties of your formula field (To learn how, please see our Change the Properties of a Field help topic.).

Step 3. Check the "Allow some HTML tags" checkbox in the Text Options section.

Step 4. Enter the following formula into the formula field with the exceptions listed below.

If(IsNull([User Initials]),"",
[User Initials]="AC","<div style=\"background-color: #ff9999;\">AC</div>",
[User Initials]="SR","<div style=\"background-color: #99ffcc;\">SR</div>",
[User Initials]="AE","<div style=\"background-color: #ffff99;\">AE</div>")

The formula above says, "If the value in the field User Initials is blank, do nothing. If the value in the field User Initials is AC, color the field background red and show the text AC. If the value in the field User Initials is SR, color the field background green and show the text SR. If the value in the field User Initials is AE, color the field background yellow and show the text AE." See example color output:


What you need to change to the formula:

1. Replace the words User Initials (everywhere they appear) with the name of the field whose value you want to display on your calendar. If I take my original example where I wanted to show the value from the field Status, I would replace User Initials with the word Status.

2. Replace AC, SR, and AE (everywhere you see them) with the values in your field you want to see on your calendar. Returning to my example of the field Status, I would replace AC with Overdue, SR with In Progress, and AE with Not Started.

3. If you like, you can change the colors that the formula displays. Below is a link to the Wikipedia page describing the hexadecimal codes for colors.

Step 5. Save your changes, and create a calendar report to see what they will look like. (To learn how, please see our Create a Calendar help topic.)


Missing information



I think there is some missing information for Step 4..where are they colors? I can get this formula to work, but it's showing the hex digits instead of coloring the bar (and Yes, I have "allow html").



Table: Merchandising Table

Field: color change


If(IsNull([Discount Type]),"",
[Discount Type]="Item Level","#FFCC99","")


I want to colorize the bars depending on a "Discount Type"


Thanks, Rich

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