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Part - Text

(Text t, Number p, Text d)
Result Type: 
Returns the specified part of a text value. The parts are separated by the occurrence of any delimiter character. The first argument, t, is the value to be searched. The second argument, p, is the position of the part in the argument t. The first part starting on the left is position 1. Negative part numbers can be used to start from the right. The third argument, d, is a text value containing all the possible delimiter characters. If space is included in the delimiter list it is handled specially. It acts as a delimiter, but contiguous spaces surrounding a delimiter are ignored rather than each acting as a separate delimiter.
Part("hh:mm:ss",1,":") returns "hh" Part("hh:mm:ss",3,":") returns "ss" Part("hh:mm:ss",-1,":") returns "ss" Part("hh:mm",3,":") returns "" Part("abc, def,ghi",2," ,") returns "def" Part([Append],2,"[") returns all text from the Append field that lives between the first [ character and the second [ character. This example shows how to extract only the most recent entry from an append field.


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