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There is a way to do this using Application Variables and a Formula User field.

The first thing you need to do is define the number of users that will be participating in the 'round-robin' by creating an Application Variable. For this example let s call the variable [number_of_reps]

To learn more, please see our About Application Variables help topic.

Then you need to create a Formula User field in the table that contains the records to be assigned. For this example, label the field 'Auto-Assignee.' To learn more, please see our Add a New Field and Using Formulas in QuickBase help topics.

After the Formula User field is created, you will need to edit the properties of that field. Locate the 'Auto-Assignee' field you created from the field list and click its name to edit the properties of the field. The properties will have a Formula Options section. Your formula will look like this:

Mod([Record ID#],ToNumber([number_of_reps])) = 0, ToUser("user_screen_name_or_email"),
Mod([Record ID#],ToNumber([number_of_reps])) = 1, ToUser("user_screen_name_or_email "),
Mod([Record ID#],ToNumber([number_of_reps])) = 2, ToUser("user_screen_name_or_email "))

You'll need to personalize the formula with information from your application:
* [number_of_reps] is the Application Variable you created in the first part of this process.
* You will need a line in the formula for each rep if you want to equally distribute the assignments.
* The numbers after the '=' will always start at Zero (0) and ascend to one integer less than the total number of reps in the Application Variable.
* As the number of users participating in the auto-assignment procedure increases or decreases you will need to adjust the variable number and add or remove lines from your formula field, making sure that the formula remains viable.
* 'user_screen_name_or_email' is the text equivalent of the screen names or email addresses of the users you want to be assignees.
* [Record ID#] refers to the system field in every table that assigns a number to each new record in the table. If you have renamed this field, or if it is [Project ID#] or [Task ID#] then use the appropriate field name.
* You can weight the assignments by giving a user more than one line in the formula.


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