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Using Key Fields

By default, each table has the built-in field called RecordID (rid), that provides the unique key for that record within the table. If you want to use another field as the key field, you may do so, provided that the field type supports the Unique property, which must be checked to insure that there are no duplicates.

If you use your own field as the key, and not the record ID field, you may be able to replace the &rid parameter in many of the API calls with the &key parameter. The following API calls are known to support this substitution:







However, it is likely that other calls support this, so you might want to try this on other calls as well.


Example of using the Key parameter in API_EditRecord

I need to use the API_EditRecord call to update certain records in a QB table however I have no access to the RIDs and would like to use a different "unique" field (MemberID) to perform the update.  There are no examples of how to format the call using the Key parmeter in place of RID.

Can anyone provide an example?




Hi Amir, If you're using a

Hi Amir,

If you're using a custom key field, you would simply say "key=value" in the place of "rid=1", like this:



Hi,Im having a table A and a


Im having a table A and a table B and relationship exists between A and B as Many B's belong to one A.

So what Im trying to achieve is,

there is a record in A, and there is a button in table A on the form, which when triggered should update a field of that record in table A and also one field of the related record in table B.

Now I am using API_EditRecord for that, but the problem is, for updating record in table A I can easily do by specifying the records id using &rid but I dont know the record id in table B i.e &rid of table B so I used related record as key and used &key = [#Record ID] but i gives me error that rid not specified.

How should i achieve this scenario,

Please help.


Thanks in Advance.

Hello,I think it will be best


I think it will be best for you to have a customer care specialist take a look at your app with you to give you a hand. If you log into QuickBase and go to Help > Manage Support Cases > + New Support Case to open a ticket a support specialist will be happy to help out.




Delete Key Field


I need some help please. I was trying to the 'Set Key' on a field, but it didn't work out as i expected. I thought that it will create a unique number by itself everytime I create a new ticket (using IT support Desk Template).

Now I cannot delete the field that I set a key for. is there a way to do that?




Deleting a Key Field

Hi Faisal --

The Record ID# field (which is by default the key field for a table) has a unique number for each record in the table. If you have set another field as the key field, the easiest way to delete that field is to set the Record ID# field as the key field again. Then you should be able to delete the other field.

Hope this helps,


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